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Fab n' Easy Dollar Store Easter Craft


An fab' n' easy Easter Decor craft 

Well, this handy-dandy Easter craft took minutes and was the price of pocket change!  We took a Dollar Store floral wreath as an anchor and pressed plastic eggs into it and filled in the empty space with Dollar Store artificial flowers!  I cut the buds off and simply pressed in.  I don't know that it photographs in true color, but I was going for a modern shades of turquoise with the eggs.  I think the pink blooms are perhaps a wee bit too sweet!  I may have to pick up some other color blossoms and substitute to give this a bit of a more chic look!

It truly took minutes except for the fact my helper enjoyed lingering on the project a bit!  She reveals it can be both a door accent and and Easter bonnet and what's not to love about that!?

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