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Nature, Nurture, nudging when it comes to Summer Art!

Anyone can make Ceramic Art for a little over a quarter!

I have an art studio in my home and two young children.  One would might therefore conclude that my girls would be endlessly elbow-deep in creative projects with the vast selection of art materials, rainbow selections of colored pens, pencils, paints and crayons and materials that inspire me every time I walk in to my "personal mecca" in the house.   Well, here's the truth!  As a professional artist I often feel like the doctor whose kids are the ones with the runny noses!  I have to nudge to get the creativity going!

I have to prompt any activity but once I do, and especially on loooong hot summer afternoons during a heat wave, the kids can actually have a hoot and want to create a museum gallery in the house of their projects - or post them for sale as my 9 year old suggests!  (Like Mom E., Like Daughter!)

One of my standard project that evolves over time, depending on the level of the art and/ or the age of the child is creating art on tiles.  White  4x4 tiles are (I think) a tad' over .25 cents at Home Depot!  I keep a bunch on-hand as well as slightly larger ones.  Yesterday, when it was still too hot to head to the pool, and I couldn't bare to hear Nicklelodeon on in the background for another minute,  I "assigned" my 9 year old to draw cats.  (I'll submit to Kids National Geographic as part of their monthly "art call submissions ... and will do this until we get something actually in the magazine)!   

I scanned the drawing and reduced to 4x4 inches to fit on the white tile.  Then, a layer of Mod Podge on the tile, we placed art, and then a layer or two on top.  I used a blow dryer in-between to quicken the drying process... and then  Ta' dah, a coaster/ art plaque.

But then, we took it up a notch and sprinkled glue and colored glitter.  Fabulous.  I had Triple Thick Glaze, that is just over a dollar in a small bottle at AC Moore and it sealed the art and glitter and gives a glass-like service.  Even more fabulous!

So on these loooooong hot summer days, think of Home Depot for art supplies, i.e. the tiles and cutting and pasting almost anything on them and sealing with glue or Mod Podges if you have it on hand!  If you don't have any, just dilute glue with a lil' water and it works just as well!

Stay cool, stay fab, stay creative!

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