Illustrating who & what I love!

Reindeers are smarter than people and ten year olds are ....

Often unknowingly wiser than adults!

First!  Please forgive how long it has been since I've posted an illustration or notation!  I'll try to catch-up and offer much more!  In the mean time there are some drawings under China Adoption HERE.
House Mail!  My 10 year old made paper mail boxes and taped outside of each bedroom.  I'm sure I should mind, scotch tape all over the walls, but seriously, how much do I love this?!
   Each day we exchange some words of wisdom or more often than not, I get a "Mommy love note," which I promptly tape into my "Smash book!"   What is so amazing is how many times the 10 year old Ladybug comes up with the wisdom, as with the quote above!   For certain, I need to jot these things down fast or I forget but today, I added some art to the quote!  

I'll likely re-do this drawing and clean up the text to make it still charming, but neater!  I'll post in my ChinaGirlEtsy shoppe but in the meantime, I have to go pop this drawing into my 10 year old's mail box before she gets off the bus and checks her "in box!"  

As always, I invite messages here or by email or on Facebook for suggestions of what you would like to see!  

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