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Funniest line of the summer as echoed by my 8 year old regarding summer days!
I'm an At-Home, work-at-home Mom E. Person.   This summer, as with most anytime that I get to spend with my children, I pinched myself at how truly lucky I am to fill my days with playing and being with them, while sort of balancing keeping house and working on my art / design business.  Although, in reality, this summer, the only people who were truly creating in my studio were my 8 and 4 year old and their play dates!  Last summer I seemed able to "do it all, "this summer most of my time was ruled by the activities of my two Looney Tunes!

The reality of summer days was mostly spent keeping the house [from falling apart] which included seemingly always being in the kitchen, straightening out piles that nest here n' there through the house, emptying cat litter, scrubbing toilet bowls, making beds, doing endless rounds of laundry for which I'm sure I'll never catch up, venturing to the pool in the later afternoons only to be splashed by ankle-biters who flailed their arms and feet in my direction, while also breaking up the occasional rounds of sibling rivalry --  and all while engaging and entertaining and teaching my girls life-lessons through summer play. 

**Thank God for my escapism of Bravo TV because often by the very end, I needed a little reward of being mindless!

In the summer, I'm certain At-Home Moms pull more moves in a given day than any athlete on a field and have to come up with more strategies to keep the day on schedule and  "moving forward," than would be reflected in the play book of any coach for any sport!

As I said, I often pinch myself at the joy and blissful exhaustion of it all but had to make note of what my 8 year old said, as is pictured above!  Her observation killed me with its innocence!    Ya' either grab a note card and jot down the funnies or grab a camera and capture a "kodak moment," as they come along on the conveyer belt of childhood!  <3 p="p">

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  1. Mom E. Person, I Love your Art and Cards, they are so Adorable! But these little girls of yours are the Sweetest little treasures. I really enjoy seeing your work. Thanks for being so inspiring.