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3rd Grade Rocks....

So every year, since my 8 year old was in Pre-School, I've created a doodle / drawing of her.  I don't think of it as a caricature so much as how she would look if she was an illustration in a children's book.  The funny thing is that if I don't put too much effort or think too had about the image, it usually turns out to capture her!  I'm not sure what she will think of the above image!  I'm awaiting her approval on this current one!  The hardest thing to capture is the little glee that is always in her eye... I'll let you know if she approves or would like to see revisions! 

I'll also do (and post) one of my four year old.  The nice thing about my 4 year old is she pretty much likes anything I draw, whether it's my interpretation of her or a dolphin... it's allllll about the dolphins and images of dolphins right now!  She can't get enough dolphins!  I love that! 

Once the images are complete I create everything from note cards, school cards, book marks, nice framed art for their rooms, etc. etc!

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