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Sweet China Girl Art

Well of course if I did an illustration of my oldest daughter, (see previous post) I had to do one of my youngest daughter!  I am having such fun creating personalized prints of children and offering in my AdoptionOptionShoppe on Etsy.  This was something that was born from my creating images of my daughters for school notes, stationery and this n' that.  And of course, as soon as I'm finished a drawing, I feel like they've changed and I really must update, do over or modify.  Ooooh, the tortured Mom E. artist! ;o)

My goal in drawing children is for them NOT to look like caricatures but rather the way they would look if they were an illustration in a children's book.  I've done one every year of my oldest daughter and hang them in simple white frames in her room.  They are small and very simple white IKEA frames.  Amazing how a simple white frame and a few organized images on a wall can become a charming design accent!  I'll take a picture and post on the blog! 

Thank you for looking and letting me share and as  always I invite suggestions for art images to include in my AdoptionOptionShoppe!   You dream it and I doodle it!   email me with any ideas you'd like to see!

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