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So, I am still working on the "art-project-a-day-summer-theme," with my two girls, but  I have to admit, there are no art projects happening on the weekends!  Why?  Because some days I think I'm more into the projects than the girls and two I'm human; I get a little tired!  Also, along with stealing time here n' there through the week, the weekends are when I devote time (albeit not very much during summer) to create art for my Etsy Vanity Gallery and Etsy Adoption Option Shoppe.

I don't know about you, but what I know about me, is that I need paper lists to feel organized and stay sane!  I live n' die on my iPad but also have found that I will always thrive with a list on a piece of paper and more than ever during the summer when my kids world merges with mine... all day! 

To this end, I've created this very easy-to-print list for all of us!  And really, aren't we all the She E O of our family!?   Hope you enjoy!

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