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This photo was taken in China and for much of the two weeks this was Zhan Yang Guo's expression.  

We are flabbergasted at how much she "came out" of her little protective shell as we started the journey home, first by train to Hong Kong and then a 6+ hour delay departing Hong Kong before the endless 14 hour flight and an unexpected overnight in Chicago.  As we got off the plane in Phila, greeted by tears by my Mom, Sister's and Bro-in-law, something magical happened.  Just as when we arrived home five years ago with Gianna, there were endless smiles and cooing and a sweet and happy demeanor from our newest addition.  It's like her little easy going personality that the caretakers told us about landed with us as the plane landed on the ground.  

And one would think this precious little one would put up a stink at a car seat as this was likely the first one she was in on the way home from the airport.  But instead, the cooing and "talking" continued for the 25 minute car ride home!  We've been home about one week and Miss Daisy Yang Guo is leaving me in awe with their ability to love and be loved in what seems like a mere moment.  Of course there are challenges through this transition but in the end, it's truly all good.

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  1. catching up on blogs - Daisy's expression reminds me so much of Dan Dan's when we first got him as well. She is just beautiful. Much congratulations!!!!!