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Home one week...

But this picture is from when we were in China.  This is the first family picture and it was taken in at the Civil Affairs Center in Guangzhou for the adoption certificate.  There needed to be a photo of Douglas, Daisy Yang Guo and myself.  However, we asked if we could have Gianna in the picture because the Big Sister is going to be the most important part of our family!  The officials were so kind and sweet and while they didn't snap the shot, they allowed us to have a friend take one.

We are home one week and marvel at both of our girls.  They are both doing amazingly.  Naturally there are little potholes of frustration for both of them, but that is to be expected.  Our Gianna can get more smiles out of her sister than one would think possible.  And when Miss Daisy smiles (I'll post pix), it makes me believe she has always been a part of our lives.

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