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Transformation ....

This is our second time around adopting from China and in reflection it seems like it takes forever and at the same time only mere moments before these amazing little people know that they are going to be loved forever and ever beyond description!  

Miss Daisy Yang Guo Kennedy was clearly loved by very special people at her SWI before we were allowed the privilege to love her as our second daughter.  We met two lovely and warm caretakers when we received and met Zhan Yang Guo and will be forever grateful for the initial heart breaking tears that reflected she was bonded to these very special people who were part of a very special program at her SWI.   It illustrated to us that she was loved and had the ability to love.   With the amazing, immediate  love and patience from her new big sister Gianna and us, within what seemed like mere hours there were smiles and a transformation.

To be sure there would be times during our two weeks in China where there were tears, mostly at night, but the smiles gave way to those magical moments and a clear vision to our heart of why the caretakers shared that this is a very easy going and very affectionate child.

Come on by again for the next post to see how we came upon the name Daisy!


  1. Daisy is absolutely lovely...I am so happy for you... what a wonderful family!

  2. Welcome HOME!!! I love seeing your 2 girls together. : ) Can't wait to read more about your trip.


  3. Just wonderful. I was just in that room at the Guangzhou Civil Affairs Office. Oh happy day for your family!!!