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Super Duper Boy Lunchbox notes

Click n print this sheet of cards that were inspired by a Super Duper Boy but, I think translate into many little special boys who have that magical super-duper power to make the heart grow beyond description with a single glance!  These are my lunchbox love notes.  They're great for a Mom E. Person to jot a lil' note & then tuck into a lunch bag, a backpack or under the pillow to wish happy dreams.  I keep a bunch in my purse & use to "write it down before I forget it" when my daughter says things that make my heart smile.  I later tape them into a journal and they become a sort of childhood memento!

The cards posted here are quick n' easy to print but please remember the quality will of course be better when purchased from my store & printed on card stock!

More "boy stuff" coming...As always, I call on YOUR creativity to let me know what you are looking for!  Happy thoughts for a Super Duper Happy Day!