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Pretty Lade E. Bug note paper

Click n' Print this Pretty Note Paper!
Lade E. Bugs are such a happy little bug and I love that they are a symbol of Good Luck for Chinese adoption.  Being someone cynical I'm certain someone came up with the idea because it's so cute and commercial.  But just the same, just as daisies are a happy flower, Ladybugs are a happy bug.  There's a few Ladybug items in my ChinaGirlLove store, but I'll be posting more!  Do you ever get tired of little Lade E. Bugs?

PS... You can either right click and drag this image to your desktop to print, or simple click n' print when you see it big on the screen.  If you find any of the design gets clipped, just print at 95 or 98% 

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