Illustrating who & what I love!

It's Super-Duper Boy!

Just playing with my pen & pencils here --
This is Super Duper Boy, he is able to leap tall hearts in a single bound & make you love him at the speed of light!  Now please forgive if I haven't quite "got it" yet!  This little guy is one of a few of my first exercises in trying to capture ChinaBoyLove that emerged from my drawing table.  He'll be followed by many more on this blog and in my store as I try to perfect and offer variety of personalities -- because despite what some 6 year old girls think (like mine), boys do not stink!  

Without having an actual photo to work from, this little guy was inspired by a Cute E. Pie,  whose spirit seems to jump out as big as his smile. 


  1. You are so sweet! I'm so picky about my stuff and will be re-doing as well as creating many more new sweet little boy images!

  2. Oh you captured him so well!!
    I love the "sleeve" and cape match. A very nice touch.
    I can't wait to see what else you will create!!

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! This is PERFECT!!!! : ) At our house, we call 'super-duper' boy "LittleMister.' I just had him take a peek at your drawing & he says, "Mom, tell her that's GREAT! He looks just like me."

    So, that's probably all the approval you need! : )

    And now, I need to sign off because I can't see to type due to tears in my eyes...

  4. Oh Sheri! I'm sooooo glad because I was sooo nervous to show you!!!! That makes me soooooo happy! I'll post something on this site so that you can print directly from my blog!

  5. I'm the mom of Super Duper Boy/Little Mister's best friend, and just wanted to tell you how wonderful these are! He really is a super kid. Thanks for letting us see him!