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Sister Love

I so know that most of you come on by here for free art which I really, really enjoy creating.  I also try to regularly create items that can be customized for my ChinaGirlLove and VanityCases on line stores, but I must say; the my Ladybug and Daisy have not been respecting my "To Do" list these days!  I always say I work a full-time job in pockets of time and there are waves when I need to accept the best thing I did on a given day was make the two little sillies smile!  My girlies have kept me busy!

Soooooo with that being said, I'm rolling up my sleeves and clearing the drawing board and will post something in the next day or so that you can print from this site!  Frankly, I'm thinking a "Try to do" list will be the

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