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A smarty pie trapped by a communication glitch!

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Oooooh Miss Daisy!  I find her quite brilliant in that she's been able to re-start her whole little life as of six months ago, which is when we brought her home from China and has done so in a way that makes me pinch myself at how smooth it's been.

Well.  I'm pinching myself now, but at times it's from frustration as Miss Daisy is understanding everything but can't communicate commensurate with a 2 1/2 year old who has been raised with the same language from day one!  My sweet little Blossom is having mini-melt downs through the day and I get it!  Can you imagine knowing what you want, being certain you are communicating what you want and then not getting anything close to what you want!  Oy.  It's a time for deep breaths and to remember that she is my "she-ro"!  She'll get it all soon enough!  In the meantime, I laugh, love and getta' kick out of her and Gianna, who embraced her as a little sister from day one!

PS, I'll post shortly about her first two days of pre-school.  I'm a laid back person, but trust me, this wasn't easy for either of us!!!  Until then, Daisy is napping and I'm breathing!

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