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I'm sooooo behind in posting free printable art and posting about our Daisy Yang-Guo!  She's been home six months and I pinch myself all the time, just as I do with our 7 year old Gianna, whose been our daughter it seems since the beginning of time!  She insists her and Daisy are twins even though they were born in very different areas of China.

The other day someone was going on a tad' about how their two year old could recite their colors, numbers, etc., etc.  I smiled and said that was just great.  But I thought o myself, our little one inside the time-span has learned a new language, learned a new life and has done it all with seeming ease!

In adopting a 22 month old I had my catcher's mitt on and ready for emotional turmoil, perhaps sensory or eating challenges, sleep problems, etc.  And what do ya' know, we must be the luckiest people in the world or simply matched with the child that was perfect for us, as the only problems we have are keeping up with her endless energy!  We were also "warned" that her Big Sister would have trouble adjusting and sharing her life.  Uhm.  Nope.  Except for the occasional sibling frustration, Gianna was ready to love, care and nurture her from the start.   Am I a ref at times between the two; well of course, but isn't that part of the job requirement of being the parent to siblings?!

The only thing Miss Daisy does not have, is respect for my daily "to do" lists so hopefully, in addition to my commercial art deadlines,  I'll be able to work around her nappy times on some printables for this blogspot!

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