Illustrating who & what I love!

New Art coming soon...really!

A main goal of this blogspot is to post fun, free art ... must say, having adopted our two year old Miss Daisy  from China just before summer, I'm finding her and "big sister" [six year old] Miss Gianna have don't have any respect for my art deadlines and creative "to do list!"  I've had to rename it my daily "Try to do list!"  And as soon as I can get a little window of time I'll post some freebie "try to do" list sheets for you!  In the mean time, feel free to take a look at my ChinaGirlLove or Vanity Caes on-line stores if you're looking for a little creative inspiration!

I'm either very organized with my time in working from home  -- or crazy!  My bestest friends believe the crazy part! 

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