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Having been adopted from China not even two months ago, on certain charts Miss Daisy is said not to be on the same track of development as let's say an average two year old.  I agree.  She's not on the same chart or track... I think she's on a faster one!  She's picking up language and learning a mile-a-minute!  I still can't eat without getting food all over myself while talking on the phone so she's one up'd me on this one as seen in the photo!  

She's a pure delight ... Her sister, Miss Gianna embraces and loves her 98% of the time! Let's not chat about the other 2%!  A job requirement of a child that hasn't had to share her parents for 5 years is to be a bit "trying" and Miss Gianna does her job well ... and I'm just as charmed by her as ever!!

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