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A very nice little face...

I could share a million things about how things are going having recently gotten home with our second daughter from China.  But it can also be as simple as sharing the giddy pleasure I get by simply looking into her eyes; her beautiful, beautiful eyes.  In what seems like mere moments she went from holding a bottle in China all of four weeks ago, to feeding herself with a fork and spoon and eating almost everything!  And while she's a new walker and opted not to walk our second week together in China, she's now walking forwards and backwards and starting to master little stairs/ steps!   Putting her to bed was the most challenging and met with blood curdling screams both in China and at the start here, but I I've calibrated a routine that works!  With just the right amount of light and soft white noise and reading a couple of her books, Miss Daisy goes to bed with minimal fuss.   The same holds true with an afternoon nap which is key, as nappy time is when I go into high-functioning working-in-the-studio time!

The wait was quite long for Daisy, four+ years, but when I look into that face, I know I could have waited forever.  It's the same feeling I have for our first daughter, Gianna Wan-Fen, who is now six years old.  And I say this at a time when her challenge with sibling rivalry rivaled my every last nerve!  I believe it's a job requirement of a six year old who has had the "world" to themselves, to be both amazing with their new sibling, and annoyed to death with her as well!  That being said, there's truly not a split second I don't cherish and revel in it all!

I was very laid back with our first daughter and I'm even more laid back, or as I like to think of it, comfortable, with our second daughter.  One thing is for sure; if she can survive the almost manic hugging and love and ACTIVE play with her older sister, she can likely make it through anything!

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