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Wall Art craft, cheap, fabulous & easy!

I will update this post tomorrow, Tuesday, March 30th!  This Dang Spring break for kids is throwing me off my game!  To make Wall E.s like you see on the site, you'll need some clear contact paper (pictured above).  I searched 2 craft stores and found it at what I call home-away-from-home; Target.  It's in the Mop section with shelf paper & costs around 5 dollars

For some reason my framed piece of lace (from a dollar store) and my version of Wall. E's got scrunched in the end-photo.  The next post will share a very simple, step-by-step way you can do this and I'll post designs you can use if you like!  I would lay out directions & post art right now, only it's Spring Break & there are two nutty children (my daughter pictured above and her friend) stuck inside on this rainy day & if I don't get them out for a slice of pizza, it could mean the end of any peace in my day as i know it!  

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