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Creating wall art!

Instant Wall Art!
A few pretty daisies growing up the wall!  Here's how you do it --  As mentioned in the previous post, you need "clear contact" paper and your design of choice.
1. You cut your desired wall art designs out.
2. Cut a piece of contact paper a bit larger than the size of the flower design [see below]
3. Peel the backing off of the contact paper and place image design face down on the contact paper.
4. Cut around the design leaving let's say a tiny edge that will be adhered to a wall, mirror, window.
5. I use an eraser to "burnish" the tacky part to the wall; it's great for driving out tiny air bubbles.
Ta Da!  It's that easy!  I'm going to post some additional fabbity fab designs for you to use if you like, but really, you can do this with anything!  I'll show you what I mean in a future post.  Hope you enjoy!

You can either click n' print art, or right click with your mouse, drag to your desktop and adjust size before printing.

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