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What would you like to see?!!!

Hmmmmm, whatya' thinking?
I admit this doesn't look like my usual ChinaGirlLove art, but just as with my "Fab'log," which features my woman-to-woman art and humor, I'm asking YOU, what would you like to see!  I'm very overdue in creating a freebie here and hopefully YOU will suggest something that I can create for you to be able to download! 

In this ever challenging economy, I went from creating best-selling woman humor greeting cards entitled Vanity Cases for a pretty big company, but they've had much financial trouble and therefore stopped paying us Artist People!  I always say I love what I do and would do it for free, but I think I actually need to amend, I love what I do and would like to make a little money.  

To this end, I've re-thunk my art and have created two stores on  An AdoptionOption Shoppe store is there but still needs much art.   I've been focusing on is this one; the Vanity Gallery.  Oy, the life of a starving artist!  Anyway, that's what's been going on and why I've been delayed with popping ideas on this site!!!  And as always, if you follow my VanityCasesArt&Humor page on FB, I post many freebie art alerts there!  

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