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Children's Art Party Invitation

It would be impossible for moi' to purchase a birthday party invite for Gianna.
We had a birthday party at Michael's Art store two years ago and it was truly one of the best and frankly most reasonable birthday parties!  The stores have an art room which for a very minimal fee is "all yours" for 2 hours.  Someone from the store leads your project-of-choice and you bring your birthday cake and refreshments.  For the price of the room and materials for the project, which you can purchase with coupons it's easy and a hoo n' a half!  Plus, the project becomes the "goody bag" give-away!

I'll likely post this invite in "customizable" form along with a coordinating "Thank You" note in my ChinaGirlLOVE on-line store shortly.  3 year old Miss Daisy's nap seems to be fading so working on art deadlines and desired projects is at a stage where I can often feel like a cat chasing its tail!  That's an observation - not a complaint ;o)


  1. i love the art theme invitation.its so cute. i am using it for my party!!!!

  2. i love the ideas!!