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Black & White or Color?????

In playing with our new camera I took some pix' of my two Looney Tunes and now I can't decide should I print n' frame the black and whites or the color photos.  I think both have very yummy little faces but of course I would...I'm their Mom E. Person.  I often say that I don't forget my girls are Chinese, I forget that I'm not! 


  1. color. those pink lips are too adorable.

  2. How sweet! Yup, I think that one has to be color!

  3. Hi Collene --- this is fab fabbity fabulous!-
    what sweet china dolls --- and guess what? I got one too! ---

    She is my Granddaughter Larissa going on 5 in april ---
    ok she is 50% chinese and then some German! What a joy!