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Lunch box love notes

So school has started in some places & is about to start in others so for me, that means creating Lunch Box Love Notes.  Of course I'll post some freebies and invite your suggestions!!!

When my 7 year old was in pre-school I would doodle a smiley face or tape a silly little picture to the little Note.   During Kindergarten, I would do a "letter of the day" or the words she was starting to read.  She's entering second grade, so I'll have to write actual little notes!  In the rare occasion that I"m away for a day or two on business, I tuck them under her pillow, at her spot at the dinner table and in other fun places where she can find a note from Mom E. telling her how much she is missed... of course along with her sister, Miss Daisy!

I keep a bunch of these little note cards in my purse in a baggie (not so chic huh?).  I often use them to jot down something silly, funny, imaginative my kiddos say because as much as I think I'll remember it later, I never do!  Also, I then tape them into her journal. 

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