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Lunch box love notes....

Okay!  With school just around the corner,  I decided I must design a variety of lunch-box love notes.  My oldest daughter is 7 and I still tuck them into various places, often jotting down words she is learning as she practices reading.  They also seem to prove very handy when I run into someone & need to exchange information i.e. phone number, play date, email.  In addition to offering some freebies here, I'll also post new designs (including boys)  in my ChinaGirlLove store as well as some I've created for us fabulous adults in my VanityCases store. 

Now, all I need is my two kiddos to give me time to do this!  What are the chances that will happen?!  You know, as hectic as it can be balancing working from home as well as having and creating activities, not to mention meals for two active kids, on the most "never-getting-to-stop-for-a-moment-day," I truly love all of it.  Friends with older kids say it gets easier.  But I don't want to "wish this time away," and therefore I just embrace the most hurried moments as well as the quiet ones.

If the girls are having a loud tussle, I remind myself at best it will last a few long minutes and then it will be over and then they will be playing again!  Right???  Right?  I don't hear you????

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