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I just need more time ... but free art coming back again!

I will most definitely post art that you can download (for free of course) shortly!  I'm a tad' behind because one little Daisy (photo above), who has been "very selfish" with Mom E.'s time since she's been home as of early June!  Also, in addition to this site, I've been quite busy at work (during Daisy's nappy times) creating art for my "For funny women only" on line Vanity store and coordinating Fab'log, where I also post free art.  It's quite different than my China Children style ... and I hope you'll agree quite fabbity-fab!

All silliness aside, I truly pinch myself with how amazingly well Miss Daisy has adjusted to having a big sister and starting a new language and a new EVERYTHING from scratch at 22 months!  She seems to understand EVERYTHING!  I try to always put myself in her place and I just marvel at how she's not only adjusted, but continues to bloom.  I understand almost everything she's trying to communicate even if others don't!  I'm certain the combo' of sign language and much talking in @3-word sentences has helped.  But what just kills me is that I can see that she's a funny little bug; truly silly.  I swear between Daisy and Gianna, I so often feel like my girls are optical illusions of my heart!Okay.... Please come back or FOLLOW this blog for freebie art ... I'll do my best to post more regularly again!!!

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