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Happy Flowers for wall art...

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I translated these drawings I did into wall decals and they look very charming appearing to be sitting on white shelves!  I'll post a picture!

To create: print design desired size and cut them out.  Place the design face down on the tacky side of clear contact paper and cut with about an 1/8 or a smidgen more border around the edges.  Then press designs on to desired wall, mirror or window and that's it!  I use an eraser to rub the clear (matte) border so it doesn't show.  You can peel your designs off the wall and it does NOT upset any paint!  I hope you enjoy!  I'm very open to any special design requests which you can send me by commenting or emailing ME.    Enjoy! Collene


  1. Thosee are so cute! I have been thinking about purchasing wall decals for my daughter's room, but the prices make me cringe. Your method is nice and affordable, plus I can create my own designs! Thank you so much for the tip!

  2. Well thank you! Isn't it insane how easy it is to to? I mean, there's still room for playing around and tweaking a bit, but the clear contact paper is key!!!! I posted how easy it is to find in Target ... and how cheap! Two posts ago!