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Is it just me or is she just simply yummy!?
We just rcvd' updated pix and I'm further in love with our little Flower!  She looks like a delightful little bloom!  She's 18 months and she's walking and talking ... well a few words anyway!  

And today, ( March 11) we were thrillllllled to rcv' our Article 5 letter which, to make a confusing long paper-work-story short, means we could be in China in about a month or so.  It could be a tad' longer, but I like to dangle the shortest time-line in my positive thinkin'!!!

The other picture we rcvd' of Yang Guo was by taken by chance by a perfect stranger who was visiting her SWI in China.  Click the Red Thread link on the right side of this blog for what is truly an amazing Red Thread story.  Happy Thoughts to all/ Collene


  1. soooooo cute!!!!!!!!
    Yes she is adorable and I can see your glow from here.
    She's ready to go places and join you running.

  2. Ohhh How cute. I love the flower rug in the background. We ahve some pics with it in also!!! It won't be long now!!!!
    Mom to another Zhanjiang cutie

  3. yippee doodle

    love Aunt Dena and Uncle Stevee

  4. Beeeauuuutiful! I look forward to the day when I hear the great news that she's coming home!

  5. Ohhhhhh, what a doll baby! She is sooooo cute! I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the phone to ring. I pray you will be united very soon! elizabeth

  6. I hope you will be gearing up to go by the time we get back!!!