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An Itty-Bitty Typo consumed last week!

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A single typo in our Zhan Yang Guo's name, where the O and U were switched, was made in the second to last step here in the states in one of our Government offices and was discovered in China as our paperwork was on the verge of being submitted to the consulate whereupon we are issued an Article 5 and /or Travel Approval.

Our agency Holt, is amazing and it was their China-based staff that discovered the itty-bitty error. They said it could have caused us more misery in China than the price of being on the phone a millionty hours last week to have it corrected!  I spent umpteen hours having it corrected; that includeded those phone numbers where you have to wait for the prompt and then stay on hold until your arm cramps.  At all times I remained calm, polite and as is my way of coping injected both praise and humor to almost every party I spoke to. In the end, nobody ever makes a mistake on purpose and it was about finding the proper parties to correct the change.  Almost every single person I spoke to was helpful and supportive.  "Almost" being the operative word!  You always have a bad apple in these things.  The trick is to not let them allow you to stumble, fall or get frustrated!

What a surprise when it was corrected, and I exhaled.  That was until one lovely person from one of the Government offices contacted me to tell me the error had been corrected -- INCORRECTLY!  She had asked that I not freak out at the news and I didn't.  I simply laughed as though someone slipped on a banana peel.

Problem, solution, staying sane!  In the end, it looks like all our information is where it should be in China and I can only cross my fingers and keep breathing as we wait for our Article 5 ... and not another TYPO discovery!!!

This long explanation is why there is not a creative freebie posted in the past week!  But please come back or FOLLOW this blog as I will be back in my creative mindset and post something fun and free to download tomorrow!!!!   Positive thoughts/  Collene


  1. You should have that article 5 next week I should think!! When do you want to travel?

  2. I want to travel anytime they say it's a go! Thanks Joanne!

  3. Can't wait to meet our little niece! Dena

  4. Ohhhhh, what a cutie pie. I am so inspired by your story that BY CHANCE this woman snapped that wonderful photo and you two got together. Keep up all up to date on your newest little darling.
    best wishes,

  5. Julie 'n JudithMarch 13, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    Collene, Collene, the little girl is beautiful!! Omigod, Don't know how you can wait. I'm surprised you're not sitting outside the airport feeding a millionty dollars to a parking meter just waiting for the call. ha!
    D just sent me the link to here. I love it.
    All Love All Good, Julie