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So this idea of Ladybug Love Notes was inspired by my Lunch Box Love notes & something I recently suggested to a friend who is "waiting" to go to China to meet her child. It's sort of a "60 second journal" concept & a great little emotional outlet. I gave her a dozen or so & suggested she jot down notes to her daughter and/ or to herself at this stage of anticipation.

Even though I'm a "journal person," I've kept similar little cards (in a ziplock bag) in my purse for years so that I could "write it down before I forget it!" It seems every single day my young daughter says something I want to "freeze-lock" in the moment n' my little cards enable me do do that! -- I'm not a "scrapbook person" but have ta' say, the little notes serve the purpose of recording a moment & look just fine tacked down with tape ... in a journal! So whether waiting for your child, or for the to record the next silly little thing one says, I hope you'll enjoy! More coming soon!

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