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Ladybug Love notes - Again because...

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After 3+ years, we were matched on Dec. 2nd with our adorable Zhan Yang Guo.  Unlike our first adoption, there is a longer time frame before going to China.  The 3+ years that our dossier has been in China has gone by [seemingly] in a flash, but awaiting the final stages of paperwork that will be punctuated by our TA, hopefully within the next few weeks, seems a tad' endless.  I am therefore reposting a charming little tool for myself and for others who may be in the same "in-between land!"   The little notes are a useful for jotting down thoughts about your day or to your newest little Ladybug during the time of anticipating meeting your child.  I don't know if it makes the time go by faster, but I'm certain one day I'l/we'll l prize the  the notes that can be pasted/ taped into a journal!    Lunch Box Love note - As always, I hope you'll enjoy!

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  1. These are so cute. I hope your selling them in your zazzle store also. You can put them on the business cards.